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Iskra Lawrence Is Considered A ‘Plus-Sized’ Model, and She’s Absolutely Perfect

Iskra Lawrence Is Considered A ‘Plus-Sized’ Model, and She’s Absolutely Perfect:

According to my research (Wikipedia), a “Plus-Size” model is “a term applied to an individual of larger stature (sometimes but not exclusively overweight or obese) who is engaged primarily in modeling plus-size clothing. Plus-size models also engage in work that is not strictly related to selling large-sized clothing, e.g., stock photography and advertising photography for cosmetics, household and pharmaceutical products and sunglasses, footwear and watches.”

I have a serious problem with that, especially the “larger stature” part, because that implies that a “plus-size” model is larger than your average woman. If the industry/fashion standards of what “plus-size” is were applied to the rest of the world, then 90 percent of women would be “plus-sized”.

Just take a look at Iskra Lawrence. This 25-year-old blonde beauty from Worcestershire, England is absolutely stunning. Seriously, she’s a flat-out 10/10. Yet, she’s considered “plus-sized” in the modeling industry because she has natural human curves. She’s got a toned, almost ripped body that anyone would kill for. The only thing about her that could be considered “plus-sized” are her hips and her butt, which are both fantastic. Iskra plans to be the face and managing editor of a new plus-size site called Runway Riot.

I, for one, appreciate her curves and think that they’re awesome. Like, really REALLY awesome.

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