Chances are your iPad is already covered in sperm. But a Taiwanese company called Aidmics is hoping to give you a legitimate excuse as to why it’s there.

Their new product called the iSperm allows users to analyze spunk in the comfort of their own homes… or at the beach… or on the bus. Technically, I guess you could use it to analyze your sperm anywhere. Let your conscience be your guide.

With iSperm, sperm analysis is easier than ever. Integrated with iPad mini, an optimized optical lens allows for microscopic examination with outstanding optical resolution. Observe and analyze sperm quality. Evaluate sperm concentration and motility automatically with the free app.

Farmers are already using the device to monitor the sperm of their livestock, a task I don’t remember learning about while watching reruns of Green Acers. If the FDA approves the device, it will retail for between $100 to $200. That’s a small price to pay for the ability to post magnified videos of your semen on YouTube.

(Source: Reuters, H/T: CBS San Francisco)