([Naomi Christie](https://www.instagram.com/naomichristie/) / Playboy)

(Naomi Christie / Playboy)

Meet Yuliya Lasmovich. You see that look in her eyes? Her stare feels like a challenge and an invitation. With her alluring gaze, she asks, “Can you handle this much sexy?”

If you think you can, check out this irresistible gallery of Yuliya reading vintage Playboys in bed; we of course have to thank photographer Naomi Christie for capturing it.

Who Has More Sex…Selfish or Selfless People?

Sex is best when you’re considerate of your partner’s body and their tastes. This explains why altruistic dudes enjoy more sex. Yep! Instead of taking what they can, it’s proven that the best lovers savor what they share. It’s paradoxical, but selflessness is more rewarding than selfishness. The more you give pleasure, the more you receive pleasure.

If you’re wondering how to be more considerate without becoming a sexual servant, the road starts with communication. And respect. Try honest, unafraid admissions of what you like. Ask what she enjoys. It’s like we told you earlier: The best sex technique is learning how to listen to a woman. Last thing, don’t expect a woman to be able to answer the question right away because there’s a strong chance no guy before you has asked about what she likes. She may need time to figure out the answer.

Just Because She’s Kinky Doesn’t Mean She Isn’t Wife Material

As Bridget Phetasy (who you should follow on Twitter) points out in this week’s Just The Tips column, a woman can be totally DTF, unapologetically kinky and, at the same time, quality wife material. For those guys who think their wives and girlfriends like to play it safe, consider this: Your girl may be down to get kinky but doesn’t know how to bring it up because she doesn’t want to appear less “decent.” Think about that.

As Bridget subtly implies in her column, reaching deeper sexual freedom starts from having conversations with your partners. Open and frank is the best way to play in bed. Want further proof? Check out this five-minute primer on how we’re still not living up to our sexual potential despite living in a “post-liberated” world.

Pokémon Go…Where the Sun Don’t Shine

Nintendo invents a fun new game like Pokémon Go annd what do we do we with it? We start using it for naked selfies—and then some. Consider the Etsy store from Australia selling Pokémon dildos called—wait for it—PokeMoan.

So, where might Pokémon Go next? Glad you asked. Here’s British documentarian (and kindly grandpa to the world) David Attenborough narrating Nintendo’s mobile game like a nature video. It might make you forget you’ve ever read the words “Pokémon dildos.”

Looking for Love Online Continues to Be a Mind Fuck

For most young city-dwellers, swiping right is the best way we find someone to get naked with us. Yeah, sometimes you might meet a friend-of-a-friend at a bar or a wedding or maybe even a farmer’s market, but mostly, we meet sexual partners online. Some semi-good news: A collection of female Tinder users were recently asked what kind of profiles they’re attracted to. The consensus? There wasn’t one.

Meanwhile, TV producers are going a different way when it comes to matching strangers. A new show called Kiss Bang Love is asking blindfolded contestants to kiss strangers to test their attraction. Thus far, the show’s done well in Europe; Americans will soon get to see if our lips are smarter than eyes. Please don’t try this in real life.

Playboy Muse Madeline Claire

We’ve reached that time of the week. Let’s get your mind right before you start popping bottles with some sexiness to prime your imagination for your weekend. Do yourself a solid and spend the day with Playboy Muse Madeline Claire. The gallery shot by Atisha Paulson is an enchantment of sexiness. Enjoy.

([Atisha Paulson](https://www.instagram.com/atishapaulson/) / Playboy)

(Atisha Paulson / Playboy)