In my short time here, I have had my share of poking fun at Michael Bay’s Transformers franchise. And, by “poking fun,” I mean openly addressing how flagrantly disappointing the films have been. The fourth and most recent in the series Transformers: Age of Extinction is hardly an exception. And the long anticipated introduction of the beloved Dinobots only sharpened the sting, as Grimlock looked more like some full metal dragon than any Cybertronian T-Rex simulacrum.

That said, as of today, Extinction is now available exclusively on iTunes and some of the extras that come with the download are pretty impressive. Check out the preview available on the iTunes trailers website that features illuminating concept art, beautifully intricate animatics, and designers from ILM enthusiastically distilling Michael Bay’s lust for scale. If not better, bigger is, at least, bigger.