When we last checked in with Jaclyn Swedberg, for our January Playmate Review, she made us a big promise: “If I win Playmate of the Year, I will show up at every event in my teal Bunny suit.” Well, Jaclyn, dust off that suit, because Hef and our readers have made your dream come true.

In hindsight, her ascent seems almost predestined. It was two years ago this month that Jaclyn overcame what she calls a “brutal shyness” and showed up at a ­Playboy Mansion casting call, where ­Playboy TV producers immediately selected her to appear on a special about the experience. “I couldn’t believe something so exciting happened to me on the very first day,” she recalls with a jubilant laugh. Within weeks she had become a ­Playboy TV mainstay—playing nude war games on Badass, interviewing celebrities such as LMFAO on Beach House and rappelling down Argentinean mountains on ­Playboy Trip: Patagonia. “The mountain climbing in South America got a bit dicey,” Jaclyn admits. “Everyone was yelling at me in Spanish as I dangled there, and since I don’t know the language, I was like, Are they totally saying I’m about to die?”

A few months later we played up her daredevil TV persona in her April 2011 Playmate pictorial, styling the southern California native as a biker chick and placing her atop a gleaming Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Our little white lie? Jaclyn, who spends her spare time snuggling with a ­Kindle or baking peanut-butter-and-­chocolate brownies, didn’t actually know how to drive such a vehicular beast. “Because of the pictorial, I had a big biker-guy following on Twitter,” she says. “They all thought I could ride. Luckily, over the past few months I’ve learned how, which is great because I don’t feel like a liar anymore!” When not riding her new 2012 Harley Sportster Forty-Eight, Jaclyn can be found on the MMA Blackbelt TV network—under the nom de octagon Juijitsu Jac—as an on-screen fight jock and celebrity interviewer. So far she’s spoken with the likes of Warrior leading men Nick Nolte and Tom Hardy, and there are more starry assignments on the horizon. “It’s been a fantastic experience, especially because I want to be a broadcast journalist.” Equally memorable—though much more somber—was a February trip to a Los Angeles VA facility. “Miss September 2011 Tiffany Toth and I went to sign issues of the magazine on Valentine’s Day. A lot of the guys were wounded or homeless. It was both an eye-­opening and a humbling experience. I plan on visiting there more often in the future.” As for what Playmate-hood has taught her about herself, Jaclyn says, “I learned that it’s okay to put yourself out there. When I went to my first casting call—that was so not me. Or the first time I went to the Mansion alone on a Sunday afternoon for Fun in the Sun without knowing anyone else there—that so wasn’t me either. But I’m so much more outgoing since becoming a Playmate, which is an amazing feeling. I think it proves that if you do something with enough heart, integrity and passion, good things will happen. Honestly, I couldn’t ask for anything else. That’s why, to me, being named PMOY is simply the sprinkles on my cupcake.”