Last night on “The Bachelor” Jade revealed her Playboy past to the remaining bachelorettes and all of America. We’ve known this since November, when word leaked that a former Playboy model (not Playmate - there’s a difference) was a cast member on the show.

If you want to see Jade’s non-nude pics for Playboy - and our analytics indicate a great many of you do - click here.

Jade revealed her secret in the montage of teasers that end each episode. Her revelation was the biggest bombshell. We don’t know yet how bachelor Chris will react. Judging by my Twitter feed, he might be shocked. Jade is seen by viewers as shy and sweet, and Chris’s persona on the show is a buttery corn cob of Iowa wholesomeness.

As an editor at, I’ve met enough Playmates to know that every one of them is completely different. Some are outgoing, and some are quiet. Were you to meet most of them without knowing what they do, you probably wouldn’t guess they were paid to pose naked. The magazine’s preference for “girl next door” types accounts for that.

It very well may be that Jade is actually shy and sweet - as well as a Playboy model.

I don’t know Jade, but I hope that viewers - and Chris - don’t judge her with preconceived notions of what a Playboy model is or should be. Compared to some of the smoldering tire fires she’s been competing against, she looks like a catch.

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