James Bond drives Aston Martins. It’s just what he does. While 007 has piloted all manner of craft during the films’ history, Aston Martin is the car most associated with Bond, whether he’s played by Sean Connery or Daniel Craig.

But no Bond tale is complete without a bad guy. That bad guy needs a badass ride, on a par with Bond’s. Who can forget the Jaguar XKR from Die Another Day that was equipped with machine guns in the grill, missiles in the doors, and gatling gun in the back? Of late, Jaguar has been embracing its role as the official car of British villains, so it is only right that Hinx, the primary villain in the upcoming Bond film SPECTRE, drive a Jag.

Jaguar Land Rover recently revealed the C-X75 concept car that Hinx, who is played by former WWE wrestler Dave Bautista, will be behind the wheel of and it looks awesome. Williams Advanced Engineering created five C-X75 prototypes for the film and equipped them with a 575-horsepower V8. That’s a little more tame than the 1,000-horsepower version that Williams built for the original prototype, but the SPECTRE cars needed to do more complicated stunts, hence the steel frame instead of carbon fiber.

After looking at the C-X75, we wonder if James Bond got screwed over having to drive the Aston Martin DB10.

Check out some behind the scenes action from the Jag’s showcase moment in SPECTRE as Hinx pursues Bond through the streets of Rome at night:

In addition to the C-X75, Jaguar Land Rover also showed off a beefed up Defender and Range Rover that will play a role in the film.

courtesy jaguar

courtesy jaguar

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