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Meet the New (Classic) Jaguar XKSS

Meet the New (Classic) Jaguar XKSS: Jaguar


Jaguar’s latest creation will look to the automaker’s fabled past as inspiration for its future. At the 2016 New York Auto Show, the brand announced that it will finally complete a project over sixty years in the making by moving forward with its awe-inspiring XKSS model.

25 XKSS models were due for delivery to America in the twilight years of the 1950’s, but after a fire in Coventry’s Browns Lane Jaguar factory destroyed all but nine the model dropped into myth (especially once Steve McQueen started racing around the countryside in one of the world’s only remaining models).



The new XKSS’ will come as an extension of the carmaker’s Light E-Type project, an ambitious undertaking designed to re-create the “Missing Six” models of an original order of 18 Jaguar’s original design (only 12 were completed), and is rumored to cost over £1 million to the handful of collectors that are lucky enough to be offered it.



The highly-prized vehicles will be assembled by Jaguar’s finest engineers assembled from the E-type project per Tim Hannig, the director of Jaguar Land Rover Classic.

“The XKSS occupies a unique place in Jaguar’s history and is a car coveted by collectors the world over for its exclusivity and unmistakable design.“Jaguar Classic’s highly skilled team of engineers and technicians will draw on decades of knowledge to ensure each of the nine cars is completely authentic and crafted to the highest quality.

The new era of the XKSS begin early in the first quarter of 2017, and it joins a slew of hotly-anticipated Jaguar vehicles, including the F-type SVR announced this March.

Via the Coventry Telegraph.

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