In a world where dating sites cater to Christians who can’t go through life with a partner who doesn’t believe Jesus Christ is Our Lord and Savior or Farmers who only want to marry someone whose daily life involves riding a tractor, it seems hard to believe there’s a website that could be considered “too niche.” But that was before the creation of, a dating site for women who want to be in a relationship with a guy named Jake.

That’s right. Not a bunch of dudes named Jake. There is only one possible Jake to match with.

The site features many of the aspects that have become a standard part of the online dating world, such as swiping, chatting and other social media functions.

With only one man on JakeDate, it’s probably hard to believe any woman could find their true love on the site. But that’s incorrect. As this handy-dandy matrix shows, Jake can appeal to a broad spectrum of ladies.

In case you’re worried that this is a scam or that you’re headed towards inevitable heartbreak, the website also features some high praise from several mainstream tech publications, such as The Verge and Fast Company.

Perhaps the most noteworthy comment comes from CEO Sam Yagan, who said, “I guess this guy seems pretty nice. Why do you ask?” may become a pioneer website. Soon everyone will create their own dating website promoting themselves in a desperate attempt to get laid.

Welcome to the 21st Century.

Editor’s Note 12/10: Several people have contacted us and told us we’ve been tricked in this story. We have not. This is clearly satire.

Joseph Misulonas is an editorial assistant for He is single and can be found on Twitter at @jmisulonas.