Even before Spectre hit theaters in 2015, Daniel Craig seemed tired of the James Bond grind. Years of training, stunt work and subsequent injuries got to him. He quite publicly declared that he’d rather slit his wrists than even consider being 007 again. While that sentiment has often been attributed to the exhaustion of the moment, it didn’t stop the internet from firing up the Speculation Machine and dreamcasting the next Bond should Craig hang up the tux.

Naturally, the Next James Bond talk eventually turned to Tom Hiddleston. To many fans, Hiddleston has inherited to Hugh Grant’s Throne of Charming Befuddlement, flashing his million-dollar smile in surprise at being famous at all. Hiddleston’s talent, looks and knee-buckling voice will ensure he remains a Hollywood fixture for decades, but apparently even he’s not smooth enough to be Bond.

According to Page Six, Bond producer Barbara Broccoli (heir to the empire of Bond film mastermind Albert “Cubby” Broccoli) has very nearly talked Craig into coming back for a fifth and presumably final film after she considered, and rejected, drafting Hiddleston. Apparently, the man who launched a million Tumblr fan pages is “a bit too smug and not tough enough to play James Bond.”


Of course, that’s just an anonymous source speaking to a gossip column, and not an official statement of any kind. But still, it feels like things are a little different for Hiddleston now than they were five yers ago, when it seemed like people would have literally elected the man God if such a thing were possible. It seems a totally real relationship with a pop star, followed by a regrettable Golden Globes acceptance speech, didn’t work in his favor. Also, Kong: Skull Island moviegers were apparently not alone in thinking Hiddleston is not entirely believable as an action hero.

Well, there’s always Thor: Ragnarok.