Another week, another round of trailers to get excited about. This week wasn’t quite as flashy as last week, when studios were doing everything in their power to capitalize on the first wave of Olympics fever, but there are still some gems in here, including a new thriller starring James Caan, an untold history of NASA, and more.

Check out some of the best trailers of the week below.

James Caan is one of our great American actors, and yet so many viewers only know him from things like The Godfather. He actually packs a lot of versatility into his performances, and he proves it here with this thriller about two friends who decide to perform a high-tech experiment on their shut-in neighbor (Caan) to convince him that his house is haunted. It starts with a few simple tricks, but then it becomes clear that the old man next door has much more bubbling under the surface than they ever imagined. This looks like a lot of fun, and it’s great to see Caan back in full tough guy form.

Did you like The Help? What about The Right Stuff? The two seem to merge in beautiful ways in this biopic, based on the true story of a group of African-American women who took NASA by storm in the 1960s and, essentially, made our trip to the Moon possible. I’m a sucker for space drama, so I was already on board, but throw in Taraji P. Henson and the always amazing Octavia Spencer and there’s no way I’m missing this.

We already covered the teaser trailer for this sci-fi flick, but the full trailer adds a lot of meat to things, so I’m including it. The film stars Amy Adams as the world’s best linguist, who is tasked with trying to communicate with a race of aliens who’ve just landed on Earth with no clear purpose or means of language. This trailer definitely turns up the tension, and sets the stage of a sci-fi drama full of big ideas.

Indie icon Andrea Arnold (Fish Tank) takes on American soil with this film, which won the Jury Prize at Cannes this year. It’s essentially the story of a group of kids taking off on a crazy cross-country adventure, with all the sin, strife, and potentially criminal activity that entails. That might be a bit of a loose premise, but the trailers make it look absolutely magnetic, and when you get Cannes’ attention, the world sits up.

Writer-director Barry Jenkins got a lot of attention back in 2008 for his feature Medicine for Melancholy, but he’s been working in shorter forms since then. That changes this year, when he unveils Moonlight, the story of a young man (Trevante Rhodes) struggling to come out and be his true self even as his life experiences and the culture he grew up in pull him away from it. The trailer is essentially a montage, so the plot isn’t made plain as day, but this looks incredibly powerful.