It wouldn’t be The Late Late Show With James Corden without some insane antics. Last night, those came in the form of Kurt Russell repeatedly physically assaulting Corden as he screamed in terror. If that sounds like a simple formula, that’s because it is. Are you ready to hear how it works? They start by play fighting. Kurt Russell, who is a bad ass, then starts punching Corden for real. Corden goes into the fetal position.

The segment is called “Escape From Kurt Russell.” Nominally, that’s a play on Escape From New York and its legitimately insane sequel Escape From LA. But it’s not about that. It’s about James Corden being repeatedly assaulted by Kurt Russell for seemingly no reason other than, “He’s there.” What’s making Russell so violent? Is it the middling reviews of Fate of the Furious? Is it that’s he’s mad that Death Proof was underappreciated?

Who knows. All we know is, he’s really, really good at beating up James Corden.