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I’m not even sure what to call James Franco’s profession anymore. Once an actor, he’s delved into everything even remotely under the “art” umbrella. At this point, his business card might just read, “James Franco, Experimentalist.” More importantly, though, he always seems to be having fun.

Now it turns out he got a (fake) neck tattoo of Emma Watson. In truth, the picture is the work of Cheyenne Randall, an artist with a reputation for using photoshop to add tattoos to celebrities, but everyone thought it was real and went bonkers accordingly. It shouldn’t be too surprising the tat was a gag, given that Franco’s the same actor who got a fake tattoo of Elizabeth Taylor and Montgomery Clift while he was doing Zeroville.

Franco’s pretty much the celebrity we all think/hope we’d be if we had fame and money, and I’d support him if he got a legit Emma Watson neck tattoo. Actually, I’d support James Franco for any endeavor. The dude seems like the most fun drinking buddy ever.