The first single off of LCD Soundsystem’s third (and final) album This is Happening was the song “Drunk Girls.” And while the dance-punk band has not performed together since 2011, their frontman will continue his celebration of inebriated antics with his new bar opening in Brooklyn.

This weekend James Murphy, the main figure behind LCD Soundsystem, will open the doors to Four Horsemen, an all-natural wine bar in Williamsburg. It will start off with 160 bottles, but will eventually increase to over 350. In an interview with the NY Eater, Murphy said the selection will be extremely diverse despite the emphasis on only all-natural wines. “We’re dogmatic,” he said. “Like, we don’t want to be part of an argument. If I opened a record store, it wouldn’t be all punk rock and esoterica.” The menu will be the product Nick Curtola from another popular Brooklyn hotspot, Franny’s.

The bar released a little glimpse into how the Four Horsemen will look:

pretty much done. not done, but, you get it. pretty much done. done-ish.

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Unsurprisingly, the bar will also have a kickass audio system, which may be the only way we’ll hear Murphy performing LCD Soundsystem in the near future.

getting the soundsystem together

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Just to refresh, it’s James Murphy opening an all-natural wine bar in Williamsburg. They should probably change the name from the Four Horsemen to Hipster Heaven.

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