The selfie is a phenomenon that’s taken over the world as we know it. It doesn’t matter if you’re at a baseball game, at a museum, or hanging out with friends — extending your arm and raising it 45 degrees, then taking a picture of yourself has become the standard in today’s society. It’s so big that even Webster’s friggin dictionary has included it in their lexicon.

People take selfies from everywhere and anywhere. Probably the most common place to do so is with the help of the bathroom mirror, but it appears that stunning actress January Jones has another spot in the bathroom that’s her favorite. Judging from her Instagram, January likes to post selfies from the bathtub. I just hope she’s keeping her hands dry, otherwise she risks water-damaging that phone.

I also don’t blame her for the tub selfies. I tried taking a bath the other day thinking it would be nice and relaxing, only to realize that baths are pretty boring. What else are you supposed to do? Take pictures of yourself!

Oh, and her captions are hilarious.

2nd one in the series titled: "How far under I could get without dropping my phone in the tub or on my face..sans cat"

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