There are a lot of ways to go about assuaging the effects of a bad hangover, including more drinking. But here’s one you’ve probably never heard of: a canned miso soup packed with the nourishing power of 70 clams.

A new product for sale in Japan aims to harness that power, packing 70 claims into a single can of soup. The product is full of ornithine, an amino acid found in clams that may improve hangover symptoms. People have found clams are helpful in lowering stress, improving sleep and reducing fatigue. It is also believed to be an agent for detoxifying the body, hence its helpfulness in the hangover realm.

It’s not an uncommon remedy in Japan, which is probably why the food company Nagatanien felt there would be a demand for its new, clam-packed soup. We imagine it would be quite difficult to consume 70 clams all in one sitting — especially when hungover, at that — so canned soup makes for a convenient alternative.