Courtesy of [Chris 73/Wikipedia](

Courtesy of Chris 73/Wikipedia.

A new report from the Nomura Research Institute (NRI) suggests that by the year 2035, robots (like this one) may account for as much as 49 percent of the Japanese workforce.

According to the report, jobs that require less creativity are more susceptible to being staffed by robot scabs, while humans who have jobs that require more creativity are less likely to be replaced. ‘Freelance writer’ is specifically listed as a safe job, which is great news for me… unless someone teaches the machines to properly spell “Colombia.”

Similar reports created for the United States found that up to 47 percent of its workforce could be replaced by robots. However, as lead researcher Yumi Wakao admits, these reports are “only a hypothetical technical calculation” which does not account for “social factors” such as angry mobs destroying robots. Or as Google Translate puts it:

Only, is a technical alternative possibilities by computer, actually Whether alternative is is, it will be assumed greater influence of social environment factors, including the labor market, their social environment factor in this estimate is taken into account I have not.

Looks like the job of translator is safe, at least for now.

(Source: NRI, H/T: Engadget)