Via Pixabay user [kleinAlexis](

Via Pixabay user kleinAlexis.

Apparently that whole Fukushima radiation problem is under control, because researchers in Japan are back wasting time on silly projects… like showing chips horror movies.

Keep in mind, these aren’t just any horror movies. They’re specially made films depicting chimp on human violence, and vice versa. Great idea, Japan. When the Chimp uprising begins, don’t expect any help from Uncle Sam.

But seriously, get a load of this video. It’s fantastic.

The mini-film was shown twice to the Chimpanzees, 24 hours apart from each other, each time their eyes being tracked. On second showing, the red hammer changed locations. Watch the video below - the red dots represent where they are looking.

What is remarkable about the video is that, on second viewing, their eyes quickly dash to the hammer before anyone goes near it. They also predict where the human will move to in order to grab the weapon.

The study was titled “Anticipatory Looks Based on Long-Term Memory of Single Events,” which doesn’t really roll off the tongue. Basically, it just means chimps can remember and anticipate things after watching a movie once.

So, what does that mean for you? Expect more Chiquita Banana product placements in upcoming movies.

(Source: The Independent)