Most professional athletes don’t get cooler as they get older. Look at Michael Jordan. As stylish as the sneakers that bear his name may be, the man himself single-handedly owns one of the worst jeans collections known to man. Jordan frenemy Charles Barkley could probably squeeze his entire body into a single leg of Mike’s jeans. The fact that there is an awesome Tumblr page named “What The F#ck Is Michael Jordan Wearing?” tells you everything you need to know.

But Jaromir Jagr is different. At age 43, he is still playing in the NHL. And he isn’t just taking up a roster spot, he’s contributing. Jagr played 77 games last season, his 20th, and had 17 goals and 30 assists. The future hall of famer also continues to be a legend off the ice.

In September, Jagr pulled the ultimate IDGAF move when a woman he had sex with threatened to post a picture of Jagr taking a post-coital nap unless he forked over cash. Jagr, who’s single, responded, “I don’t care,” and the resulting pic only helped burnish his status.

Then yesterday Jagr revealed that he is bringing back the greatest head of hair hockey has ever seen. After pleading from goalie Roberto Luongo of the Florida Panthers, Jagr’s current team, the Czech star told the Miami Herald’s George Richards that he would grow out his famous mullet again with this epic quote, “I have to.”

Jaromir Jagr is my spirit animal.

Justin Tejada is a writer and editor based in New York City. Follow him on Twitter at @just_tejada.