Like Dope, The End of the Tour is one of the most acclaimed films to emerge from this year’s Sundance Film Festival, and now the first trailer is here to show us why. Jason Segel is playing American novelist David Foster Wallace — who at his peak was one of the best writers on the planet and would later commit suicide at 46 — and Jesse Eisenberg is journalist David Lipsky. In the ‘90s, Lipsky joined Wallace for the last days of his tour for the massive and massively acclaimed novel Infinite Jest, at a time when Wallace’s life was changing dramatically. His novel was a bestseller, he was becoming one of the most fascinating figures in American culture, and he was uncertain about all the looming attention.

The trailer focuses heavily on this uncertainty, on the simultaneous burdens and blessings of Wallace’s new life, and on Lipsky fascination with the writer. It’s a moving combination of road movie and life-changing journey, and that, plus Segel’s transformation into Wallace, makes it feel like a must-see.

The End of the Tour hits theaters July 31.