We seem to be nearing the end of Daniel Craig’s tenure as James Bond. After Spectre comes out this November, he’s only got one film left on his contract, and you can bet the actors eager to replace him are already lining up to prove themselves worthy of the license to kill. Apparently, gravel-voiced action hero Jason Statham is quite happy to be among them.

Statham’s making the rounds to promote his new comedy Spy (after making the rounds to promote the biggest movie of 2015, Furious 7), and in an interview with The Guardian, a couple of dots were connected. Statham and Craig previously worked together on the British crime film Layer Cake. They’re the same age, and they’re both proven action stars. So, why not consider Statham as a potential replacement for Craig when the latter finally hangs up the old Walther PPK? Statham is apparently game for that.

“Could I do it? Abso-fucking-lutely,” he said. “Would I do it? Abso-fucking-lutely. Is Daniel Craig a great Bond? Abso-fucking-lutely.”

Though he has a proven action background, Statham’s not exactly the quintessential Bond. I could watch him beat the hell out of henchmen all the livelong day, but watching him convincingly outwit an evil billionaire in a game of cards while simultaneously sipping a martini and seducing a woman across the room might be a different story. Statham sounds pretty confident that he could pull it off, though he does note that it definitely wouldn’t be the Bond you’re used to.

“Yeah, I’d make a decent Bond,” he said. “But it’d be very, very different if I did it.”

I can think of plenty of ways a Statham Bond might be “different,” and if any of those ways includes a 007 that will clamp jumper cables to his nipples to keep his heart beating, I am in.