It’s been more than 18 months since former The Tonight Show host Jay Leno has had a steady TV gig, and while some of us still aren’t convinced that he won’t one day return to pry the show back from Jimmy Fallon, most people have settled into a comfortable “Whatever happened to that guy?” mode.

So, what did happen to Leno? Well, apart from the occasional appearances on other hosts’ shows (like the time he helped “train” James Corden for late night), Leno’s been concerned with cars a lot lately. In a way, that’s nothing new. He’s been collecting classic cars ever since he could afford them, but this year he’s turning that passion into yet another TV series: Jay Leno’s Garage, a new CNBC show based on Leno’s webseries that’s set to premiere next month. Oh, and speaking of cars, the comedian just decided to go and be an Uber driver for a night.

Yes, in part to promote Jay Leno’s Garage, Leno signed up for a five-hour shift in Los Angeles last night as a driver for Uber’s “high-end” UberBLACK. According to Uber’s announcement of the event, Leno would be driving in disguise (presumably for his own safety just in case Conan O'Brien got in the car) and would reveal himself to his passengers throughout the ride by chatting them up as the “King of Storytelling” that he is (whatever that means).

Unfortunately, we’ve yet to see any photos of what Leno drove or what exactly his disguise looked like, but we’ll let you know if we do. Personally, I think this was a great idea, if only because I love the concept of celebrities having to take shifts in the service industry to promote their projects. Next time George Clooney has a movie out, make him do 12 hours behind the counter at the post office.