Obviously, hip-hop is no stranger to monetary grandiosity, as just about every rap song of the modern era would indicate. Along that trend comes the announcement that Jay Z’s champagne company, Armand de Brignac, will debut a new chamapagne with a $850 price tag.

One of just 2,333 bottles created. #BlancDeNoirs Assemblage 2 #Chamagne #ArmandDeBrignac

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To those rap fans out there wondering why the hip-hop world hasn’t been shouting out Armand de Brignac, it is also commonly known as Ace of Spades. With countless shout outs in rap songs, Jay Z’s champagne has found a way to weave itself into pop culture’s most dominant music genre.

The new champagne Blanc de Noirs Assemblage Two, or A2, will be available on April 18. In a move also reminiscent of hip-hop pedigree, namely the idea that things there are few of makes said thing cooler (looking at you Wu-tang Clan), there are only 2,333 bottles of A2.

So if you want to sip champagne, you may want to quit spotify premium for a bit. Which one do you really want? Jay Z music or Jay Z alcohol?