Dragons do exist, damnit. And Jay-Z and Beyonce are apparently believers, too.

Just like the rest of the country (minus me), the power couple are also just a bunch of Game of Thrones dorks. According to mother of dragons Emilia Clarke, who graced the cover of the June/July double issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Jay-Z bought Beyonce an original dragon egg from the show. The real deal. Clarke said they are “really, really, really expensive and they are really f*cking heavy and serious works of art.”

My next question is, where WILL Beyonce display this token of affection in her home?

Clarke even admitted to trying to steal one for herself too in the interview. Why are these dragon eggs so cool? Well, according to my coworker and avid GOT fan Joseph Misulonas, they are a BIG deal.

You see, Daenerys has these Dragon Eggs that she thinks are just decorative, but after her husband (Khal Drogo) gets poisoned, she decides to kill him and burn him in the funeral. As he’s burning, Daenerys takes her eggs and walks into the fire. Everyone thinks she’s killing herself, but then she emerges from the flames naked and three baby dragons. Turns out the eggs had to be taken into the fire to be born. And Daenerys is invulnerable to fire because she’s a Targaryen.

There you have it. Because if you’re like me and haven’t watched Game of Thrones, you’d also be very confused if your lover presented you with a giant egg. Better go with the coffee table, B.

Check Clarke’s full interview here.

Nicole Theodore is an editorial assistant at Playboy. Please don’t harass her about the damn dragon eggs.