Baby Hitler courtesy of [Wikipedia](,_Adolf_Hitler,_Kinderbild_retouched.jpg)/[](

Baby Hitler courtesy of Wikipedia/

The President of these United States is faced with tough choices on an hourly basis. But rest assured, Jeb Bush isn’t afraid to make those choices, even if it means personally killing a baby… provided that baby is Hitler.

In a recent email from a concerned citizen, the former governor was asked if he was willing to go back in time and kill baby Hitler in order to prevent World War II and the Holocaust. When pressed for an answer by The Huffington Post, the candidate enthusiastically replied, “Hell yeah, I would!”

“You gotta step up, man,” Bush said. “That would be key.”

However, just because Bush is ready and willing to murder baby Hitler, don’t think he isn’t aware of the possible consequences.

“The problem with going back in history and doing that, as we know from the… Back to the Future series… it could have a dangerous effect on everything else,” Bush said. "But I’d do it. I mean – [it is] Hitler.”

Can’t argue with that! Although given the fact that he’s running for the Republican nomination, Jeb should probably hold off on his assassination until he’s sure baby Hitler is completely out of his mother’s womb.

(H/T: The Hill)