Via CNN.

Via CNN.

Just when you think the 2016 Presidential campaign can’t get any dumber, former Governor Jeb Bush is being accused of standing on his “tiptoes” during a group photo in order to look taller than his opponents. Specifically, he is being accused of trying to look taller than Donald Trump, who was standing immediately to his right.

According to the Daily Mail, cameras caught Bush employing the tiptoe trick not once, but twice. At least one of the alleged “heightening” attempts was caught on video. Judge for yourself.

First of all, the question shouldn’t be if Bush is trying to look taller, but rather why? There’s an old urban legend that taller candidates always perform better than shorter opponents (don’t tell that to 6-4 John Kerry). Assuming that’s true (which it’s not), the fact remains that Bush, who is 6-3, is already the tallest man in the field! Why would he risk looking like a fool in front of the entire world to gain an inch on an opponent who is already noticeably shorter?

If he had been accused of a stealthier method, such as lifts or a crate behind the podium, maybe it would be more believable. But there’s no way he’d try something so stupid while standing directly in front of a bunch of cameras. There has to be an explanation, right?

“I was looking over to the press to see where my wife was sitting,” Bush told Fox News. “She’s the love of my life and just I need to have eye contact with her before we started. You’ve been married 42 years that’s the kind of thing you do.”

The last thing anyone in a long-term relationship wants to do is make eye contact with their partner. He’s clearly lying.

(Source: The Daily Mail)