Though mind control and telekinesis are arguably the coolest things about being a Jedi, the most visually awesome part of the gig is the lightsaber dueling. We all watched Star Wars as kids, and we all came out of the theater wishing we could pull of spectacular parries and twirls with our very own weapons. Now, there’s an actual school that’ll get you as close to real life Jedi Knight status as possible.

Singapore’s Force Academy promises to teach you all the best lightsaber moves and footwork, based on real martial arts, then pit you against an opponent in a series of 30-second drills designed to make you a better Jedi. Sure, you have to go all the way to Singapore to do it, but apparently you can start learning for as little as 25 bucks, and then you can go home and claim your status as the Baddest Nerd at the Gaming Table.

For more information on the academy, check out their website.