The Playstation game based on the Steven Spielberg film The Lost World: Jurassic Park was pretty involved, and if you were willing to find and do everything hidden within it, you were rewarded with something secret.

That secret was a message from Dr. Ian Malcolm, the iconic all-black-wearing chaotician played by Jeff Goldblum, urging you to go outside for a bit.

While it wasn’t exactly super-hidden all this time, a whole new generation of people who never bothered to play a game based on a lackluster Jurassic Park sequel was introduced to the Malcolm secret ending by a post from redditor Thatonesplicer. Malcolm appears on a beach, speaking to a camera with the logo from Jurassic Park’s incompetent genetics company In-Gen stamped in the corner, congratulating you on a job well done for finishing everything. And in a tone so condescending it can only be described as Goldblumian, he says that maybe you should shower and see the sun and interact with other humans for a while. He implies you should get laid. Really anything other than gaming.

It’s kind of hilariously insulting, but at the same time, the gaming community could probably use the occasional light metaphorical slap in the proverbial face to urge it to take a break. In fact, if someone could go ahead and stick Condescending Video Game Jeff Goldblum into Overwatch and make him show up about once an hour, that would really help me get a lot more done in my everyday life.