Are there any two women in the world more desirable than Jennifer Lawrence and Natalie Dormer? One is the most popular actress on the planet right now, and the other plays every guy’s favorite character on one of the most watched television shows currently on-air. Ok, yes, Emilia Clarke may be more famous and desired than Natalie Dormer, but they’re neck and neck.

Lawrence and Dormer were recently on the red carpet promoting Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2 and after running into each other, they accidentally shared a liplock. You can see it briefly in the video below at the begin and the full thing a little later on:

Here’s a screenshot breakdown of how it all went down:

Jennifer Tries to Greet Dormer With a Peck on the Cheek, But It Turns Into Lip-on-Lip Contact

Jennifer is Horrified By Her Mistake!

Then the Two Laugh It Off

But Natalie Doesn’t Seem to Mind…

Also, here’s the whole thing in GIF form:

We’re sure this will launch some weird Hunger Games-related fan fiction.

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