I vaguely remember there being a joke that at the height of his fame, Justin Timberlake tried to make time with every beautiful older woman a man his age could have dreamed about as a teenager, from Alyssa Milano to Cameron Diaz. In her current state of ascendance, Jennifer Lawrence could likely have her pick of any renown director in Hollywood, but she has, up to this point, been relatively selective. Her attachment to the X-Men franchise has obviously placed her under the wing of blockbuster storyteller Bryan Singer. And she continues to work with Oscar whisperer David O. Russell. But, otherwise, her collaborators, while accomplished, have been mostly under-the-radar filmmakers.

Rumor has it, however, that Lawrence is currently circling Quentin Tarantino’s next project, The Hateful Eight. The western centers around eight snowed-in stagecoach passengers in a saloon sometime after the Civil War. Judging from a trailer that was leaked to Youtube and every other single piece of knowledge we have about Quentin Tarantino, things get predictably bloody. Even if the narrative escalates to Kill Bill-quality violence, it won’t be much of stretch for Lawrence, whose stardom is founded largely on a series of movies about children killing each other.

Ostensibly, taking the role would be a wise career move for Lawrence; allying with Tarantino lends a certain cred — not necessarily credibility, mind you — that no amount of scene-jacking Bradley Cooper can. And many of Tarantino’s most powerful female characters have become iconic heroines.

That said, I am among the few who still believe Lawrence’s best work was in Winter’s Bone — although, admittedly, I still haven’t seen American Hustle. The young actress excels in small, quiet films as much as she does amidst the bluster and fanfare of The Hunger Games. The good news is that, as far as making choices, Lawrence recognizes the value of diversifying; a couple of her upcoming projects will still be helmed by lesser known directors — including an offering from indie darling Short Term 12’s Destin Daniel Cretton.

(via Collider)