Jennifer Lawrence has been making a lot of headlines lately. Well, she makes a lot of headlines all the time. But she’s been particularly busy lately. First, she accidentally kissed co-star Natalie Dormer on the red carpet of the new Hunger Games movie premiere. Then she told Vogue she’s not been having much sex lately. And then just yesterday Lawrence said she had to get “really drunk” to perform her first sex scene ever.

Since she’s been in the news so much, a lot of people are making new observations about Jennifer Lawrence. Such as, “Holy shit, she looks just like a young Helen Mirren!”

A recent user on Imgur pointed out this particular observation. Now some of us weren’t around when Helen Mirren was Jennifer Lawrence’s age, so this user included a series of pics to prove it. Take a look:

By the way, here’s what Helen Mirren looks like now at age 70:

The Hollywood Reporter

The Hollywood Reporter

So if Jennifer Lawrence continues this way, she’ll be still starring in major Hollywood films in fifty years and looking good while doing so.

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