Darren Aronofsky likes to make movies under a cloak of secrecy, and his upcoming film Mother! is no exception. The first poster—which featured Jennifer Lawrence offering up her bloody heart—revealed little in terms of plot, but suggested that Aronofsky was ready to return to the dark psychological terrain he explored in Black Swan.

In the first teaser for the film, Aronofsky isn’t ready to show us his hand just yet. The 30-second clip adheres closely to the brief description we got when the film was first announced: A couple’s relationship is tested when two uninvited guests show up at their front door.

Though the little dialogue we do hear is somewhat disjointed, we can safely deduce that Lawrence and Javier Bardem play the couple at the center of the film. Lawrence can be heard asking, “What brings you to us?” Bardem jokes, “He thought we were a bed and breakfast.” That likely means that Ed Harris and Michelle Pfeiffer are the home invaders, as Harris’ voice can be heard saying, “They told me I could find a room here.”

The trailer begins with Lawrence floating through an empty house, before erupting in series of horrifying images including a man walking into a fire, close-ups of insects, and a JLaw scream that rivals that of any ‘70s scream queen.

Mother! won’t officially screen until next month’s Venice Film Festival, after which it’ll head to the Toronto International Film Festival before hitting theaters on September 15. Until then, we’ll have to piece together what little clues we have to decipher what exactly it is that Aronofsky has concocted.

Several people on Twitter quoted TIFF’s artistic director, Cameron Bailey.

Aronofsky himself seemed to confirm that his film is both extreme and intense when he took to Twitter to brag about the its R rating for “strong disturbing violent content, some sexuality, nudity and language.”

The last piece of info that confirms that Aronofsky has crafted something wholly unique came from someone who worked on VFX for the film, who we spoke to directly. He described multiple scenes, one featuring Bardem’s character carrying Lawrence’s character from a burning house, and the other in which Lawrence’s heart is outside her body and encrusted in jewels. There’s no telling if either sequence will make the final cut, but one thing’s for sure: Mother! is quickly becoming one of the must-see movie events of the fall.

Watch the teaser below.