Conan O'Brien is at Comic-Con this week, and last night he sat down with Jennifer Lawrence to chat and share some details about the new Hunger Games film.

At a certain point in their interview, Conan explained that he’s often heard that Lawrence can be quite the potty mouth on set, so much so that production had to set up a “swear jar” to discourage her from cussing around the many child actors of The Hunger Games. He pulled out a fat stack of Benjamins and offers to toss as many of them as he can into his own swear jar for charity for every profanity Lawrence can belt out in thirty seconds.

You can watch the aired version of their “Swear Jar” segment here on Conan’s website, but a fan at Comic-Con caught the uncensored version you see above. Obviously, it’s a bit NSFW—but so, so worth it.

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