It’s hard to separate Jeremy Piven from his nuerotic Entourage character Ari, so if you’re like me, you’d assume that in real life he would also have a ridiculous bachelor-style home somewhere in the midst of L.A. So when I heard the Golden Globe winner just put up his 2,424 square-foot Malibu Beach house for rent for a lovely $35,000 a month, I wasn’t that shocked.

But after you see the three-story beach house that Piven acquired in 2004 from former hockey player Chris Chelios for $3.5 million, the price makes sense. Beach reality is already pricey, but when you’re on the famed sandy beaches of Malibu with a party-sized dry sauna, three large bedrooms and 4.5 bathrooms, it’s going to get expensive. And yes, there’s a private yoga studio and an entertainment room with a built in bar, media lounge, and a music room.

Oh and when I said you’ll need $35,000 a month to get it, word is the actual rental fee is $50,000 per month in July and August. And June is when it’s $40,000, while September it’s $35,000. May is $25,000. In that case, it will take me approximately 20 years to rent this house. Finally, a worthy cause to use Kickstarter.

And according to his decor, Piven must really like Buddhism, gardening and candles. Ari would probably approve.

Via Variety

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