Was it tough to switch back into Ari Gold mode?
You just lock into those qualities, which are the antithesis of my own qualities—his quick-twitch reactive temper, his overly emotional investment and his complete focus on money and getting there by any means necessary. I was lucky enough to play him for eight seasons, and there are a lot of good examples of Ari Gold around.

Are you tight with co-stars Adrian Grenier, Kevin Dillon, Kevin Connolly and Jerry Ferrara off camera?
I’m gone seven months out of the year doing my show Mr. Selfridge in England. I’m out of the loop with American culture and sometimes with relationships. I haven’t seen a lot of the guys, but it was great to be back with them.

How do you think the Entourage movie will play to people who haven’t watched the show?
It’s great to take a ride with the boys again. The movie is about Hollywood, but it’s also about loyalty and friendship. I hope people laugh and want to spend time with their own friends after seeing it.