It’s hard to believe that someone who toured with Justin Bieber, performed for the Obamas and has garnered over 800,000 loyal Twitter followers is only twenty-years-old. But for former teen star Jessica Jarrell, it’s just all in a day’s work for the artist who is anxious to release her debut album later this year.

Her latest single off that project is the head bobbing “Goldblooded,” which just got a pretty stunning music video to go along with her silky vocals and sexually empowering lyrics. The video is more or less just Jarrell rather beautifully chilling in a gold-filled tub somewhere on a roof with a serious view in downtown L.A.

It’s not your typical music video, and there are no complaints here about that.

“I feel like people expected me to have a music video with a bunch of people in it and lots of luxury items, considering the lyrics of the song,” she told FADER. “Instead, I really wanted to make something more subtle and artistic. The visual perfectly represents what the song means to me.”

If you want to see how Jarrell and team created the visually-stunning video, check it out here.