Jim Breuer — comedian, actor, and beloved Goat Boy — has a new stand-up special premiering this week, and to promote it he sat down with Vulture for an interview conducted by Saturday Night Live up-and-comer Pete Davidson. The interview reads more like a conversation between pals than a formal Q&A, which makes it all a lot of fun, but the most amusing story Breuer told came, unsurprisingly, from his time making Half Baked with Dave Chappelle.

Breuer called working on the iconic stoner comedy the most fun he’s ever had in his entire career, but the memory he chose to share wasn’t really about making the movie. It was about Chappelle’s dog, who seems to have been living his own comedy film at his owner’s expense. See, the dog was… Well, just read this:

He brought a dog. I gotta say, to this day, whenever I feel a little sad, I laugh so hard at thinking of Dave trying to take care of this stupid dog named Monk. I said, “Dave, what are you doing with this thing?”

He goes, “Man, I need a companion.” And the dog was a terror. We were staying in this beautiful place, and the dog is shitting in the lobby. Billy Joel is there. Sting is there. The dog is ripping up the furniture. He bit everybody on the set.

We almost got kicked out. The woman who played the mother in Good Times was staying in our hall. And it smelled like smoke and shit. So one day, me and Dave are in his room, and we open up and there’s the woman from Good Times. Dave’s like, “Oh my God, it’s such an honor to meet you!” and blah blah blah. And she goes, “Are you the one staying in this room? You gotta shut that goddamn dog up. He barks all day. He smells like shit!” I don’t think I’ve laughed any harder in my life.

They were gonna kick him out of this place, so he sends the dog to an obedience school. And Dave says, “Jim, I am so proud of Monk. He’s startin’ to pee and poo outside.”

This goes on for six weeks, and he drops like twenty-five hundred bucks. He calls me to his room and he’s like, “Jim, come up here, I’m so excited.” I go to the room, and he’s like, “Jim, wait ‘til you see this!”

He goes, “Monk, sit.” And he sits. He goes, “Monk, roll over.” Rolls over. “Good boy, good boy. Gimme a paw!” Gives him it. And then we go out on the balcony. Dave’s like, “Man, you know, it’s like having a kid. I knew he was good, but you just gotta send him to school.” And while we’re on the balcony, I turn around and Monk is shitting on his bed. I go, “Dave!”

Dave turns around and he’s furious. He’s chasin’ Monk all over the place. Monk ran under his bed. And I’ll never forget this visual. Dave ducks down to go under the bed — I’m howling laughing, I can’t control my laughter — Dave lifts his head up and he looked like a kid who just got punished.

I go, “Dave, what’s the matter?” He goes, “Man, there’s about 40 piles of crap under my bed. I sent this dog to obedience school and spent all this money, six weeks, and all he learned was how to be sneaky!”

To this day, I swear on my life, I don’t think I’ve laughed harder. I had a partial stroke. So that was the best time ever.

Maybe one day someone at Vulture will ask Chappelle whatever became of the legendary covert pooper known as Monk. For now, go read the rest of the Breuer interview for stories about balancing stand-up with SNL, and that time his dad was really rude to Lorne Michaels.

Jim Breuer: Comic Frenzy premieres tonight at 10/9C on EPIX.