Donald Trump’s first trip overseas has already spawned some award-worthy memes, but none more so than the photo that emerged from the president’s first meeting with Pope Francis. And while the internet had a field day with the image, no one seemed to enjoy it as much as Jimmy Kimmel.

The late night host joked that when “his Holiness met his Bigliness,” the two men discussed the many ways they can affect change together.

“The Pope made it clear that he would like our president to join him in promoting peace, giving aid to the poor and protecting our environment. And the Pope is very persuasive,” Kimmel said. “Unfortunately, Trump is only in year 70 of his 100-year deal with the devil right now and he’s got a no-trade clause. So it’s very unlikely that he would switch teams.”

The photo in question raised digital eyebrows because of the Pope’s incredibly dour facial expression, especially in comparison to Trump’s ear-to-ear grin. Though the photographer told TIME that the Pope was in fact smiling throughout the meeting, Kimmel couldn’t resist comparing the image to the Pope’s meetings with other world leaders. To be fair to Trump, Pope Francis doesn’t make stage smiling a priority.

Watch Kimmel excoriate the president just because he can, below.