In the age of peak nostalgia, there’s no such thing as a definitive ending anymore. That’s why we’re getting an upcoming reboot of Roseanne starring John Goodman, even though John Goodman died on Roseanne in 1997. But this is not a story about John Goodman. This is a story about JNCOs, the comically oversized, baggy jeans kids embraced wholeheartedly back in the nineties that, come to think of it, probably would have accomodated John Goodman’s legs just fine.

Like John Goodman’s Roseanne character, Dan Connor, JNCOs met their timely death in the late nineties, despite incredible ubiquity in the middle of the decade. If you believe Wikipedia, the JNCO company saw its sales peak at $186.9 million in 1998 and then watched profits immediately shrink in half the following year, effectively sealing the jeans’ fate.

I have no reason not to believe Wikipedia, which is why I’ll also happily report that, per the free encyclopedia, “some [JNCOs] were so large that younger children often had to sit down while putting them on.” As a onetime JNCO-wearer who readily succombed to peer pressure and had no problem pleading his parents to buy these godforsaken things, I can confirm that yes, this indeed checks out.

It’s 2017 now, and we haven’t had to think about JNCOs for a long time, but that’s about to change, because the JNCO revival appears to be nigh. The Los Angeles-based streetwear brand Rose In Good Faith has just partnered with JNCO—which I forgot to mention hilariously stands for “Judge None Choose One”—to release a new six-piece collection of ‘90s-tastic threads including denim vests, mesh jerseys and of course, very very large pants with intimidating flames on them.

It isn’t so surprising that JNCOs are back, since a deep wistfulness for any era that isn’t our hellish present knows no bounds, but it is incredible that the pieces in the collection are retailing from $385 to $2,000, which means that someone, somewhere is about to drop two stacks on XXXL jeans that are best paired with Korn’s Follow the Leader played in its entirety. Call it the Vetements effect. Or blame high-end collaborations like that of Louis Vuitton and Supreme. Then again, based on the lookbook images, the styling is on-point and the timing might be just right.

The RIGF X JNCO collection will only be available for 5 days through an online pop-up store starting Thursday, August 17 at 6 a.m. P.T., so…hurry?