Real talk: I miss Joe Biden every day. Like, every day. Probably even more than Barack Obama, and I love Barack Obama. Liberal agenda aside, ol’ Joe felt like your best friend and/or best grandpa, and when he wasn’t busy fulfilling his important duties as veep, he was a walking, talking meme—in the best way.

I could write a Master’s thesis on all the times the Internet embraced Biden’s quirks and gaffes, but for now I’d like to remind you of our collective obsession with HIS favorite obsession: ice cream. TIME has a great history of Biden’s fondness for the frozen treat, and never forget that he once started a speech by saying, “My name is Joe Biden and I love ice cream.”

That’s why it’s a shocker, maybe even a crime, that it took until now to bestow noted ice cream stan Joe Biden his own goddamn ice cream flavor. But an Ivy League university is finally coming through: Ahead of his speech at Cornell’s convocation ceremony on May 27, the college is creating its own dessert just for him: a vanilla-based ice cream filled with chocolate chips—the former VP’s favorite, per the Cornell Daily Sun.

It’s up to Cornell students to name the new flavor, which has five contenders: Biden’s Chocolate Bites (fine); Bits n’ Biden (better); Big Red, White & Biden (oh yeah); Not Your Average Joe’s Chocolate Chip (eh); and Uncle Joe’s Chocolate Chip (simple, but solid).

Personally, I’d go with, “Please Come Back, Joe, Your Country Needs You Now More Than Ever, Why Didn’t You Run In 2016, Oh God, President Pence Is Going to Be Even Worse, Isn’t He? Chocolate Chip.”