In terms of movies that deserve a sequel, Joe Dirt ranks right up there with Halle Berry’s Catwoman. No one asked for this, yet somehow it’s coming whether we wanted it or not.

According to David Spade, the only thing the public wanted more than a Joe Dirt sequel was for Chris Farley to come back to life and make a Tommy Boy sequel. Unfortunately we’re getting the first request and not a zombie Chris Farley.

Here’s how Spade explained it to EW:

I’ve always liked the movie a lot. But I also go by feedback from people I see or [what they write] on Twitter and Instagram. Besides Tommy Boy, this is the most talked-about movie for me. After 10 years of people still asking about a sequel, we finally found a good way to do it…. Joe is a fun character to play. I’m stoked for everyone to see it.

In other words, it’s the only movie he did without Chris Farley that people remember. Though, to be fair, the first Joe Dirt only cost $17 million to make, and made over $27 million, so maybe there’s something to this (there’s not).

If for some reason you actually want to see this, you can stream Joe Dirt 2 July 16 on Crackle.