If you woke up today wondering if you’ll ever get the chance to see the self-proclaimed “baddest bitch” in the game get frisky with a Jonas Brother, well the answer is a resounding yes. You will, indeed, be seeing that! And not tomorrow. Not next week, either. You get to see it right now.

In the brand new video for their song “Kissing Strangers,” DNCE frontman Joe Jonas somehow finds himself on a stage with Minaj, who looks like she just came from a pool party at Westworld’s version of Wet Republic. The two get up close and personal while Jonas’ backup singers do backup singer things. Minaj eventually evaporates through the walls and Jonas is left wondering how the hell he ended up here. Funny you ask that Joe. We were wondering the same thing.

The answer to the question: “How did the kid from Camp Rock 2 end up on a song with the woman who once rapped “Okay, I get it, let me think, I guess it’s my turn/Maybe it’s time to put this pussy on your side burns’” is an easy one, really. It’s the same reason Kendrick Lamar linked up with Maroon 5 on that song you heard on the radio, you know the one.

The walls that once separated hip-hop from candy-coated pop music have come crashing down. The street credibility that rap’s forefathers literally lived and died by, isn’t as valued by today’s leading rap gods (ahem, Drake). And you know what? We’re not mad. Nicki’s actually got bars on “Kissing Strangers.” If she got a fat check to go with it, more power to her. Now all we have to do is get her in Camp Rock 3.