JOHN CENA is a damn delight (and I have to spell his name in all caps or he’ll find me). Last year, he brought his comedic acting to Trainwreck, Sisters, and Daddy’s Home and was beloved for it. So when the EPSY Awards rolled around and needed a charming host who knew what he was talking about, JOHN CENA was the clearly the man to recruit—and the dude roasted everyone. From Kevin Durant as the new NBA villain to Roger Goodell forever raging as the maniacal billionaire supervillain, JOHN CENA had a lot of close-to-the-truth digs to make.

The man tells it like it is, and I’m honestly ready to listen to whatever JOHN CENA has to say. In fact, he also just made his case to be considered the greatest career counselor ever.

And he was the talk of Fourth of July when he posted an inspiring, heartfelt tribute to America’s legacy as a melting pot…while still staying the cool badass that is JOHN CENA.

It’s only a matter of time before PRESIDENT JOHN CENA.