Even if you’re a Stones guy in the classic debate, you are still going to think this is pretty cool. An authentic 1964 Beatles suit is going up for bidding tomorrow, and it wasn’t worn by Ringo. It was worn by the man himself, John Lennon, and will be auctioned at Nate D. Saunders Auctions. The four button, grey, skinny-suit is a 1960s suit designed by famed Beatles tailor Douglas Millings. Millings designed hundreds of looks ro4 the group, and his name tag of a supposed Beatles suit is a mark of collectability.

To up the collector aspect, you also get a piece of clothing autographed by Lennon himself. Under the characteristic Millings tag, is perhaps the only instance where “John” written on something is a huge deal. The iconic common name is embossed both on the breast pockets, and on the pants below the zipper.

It’s cool to still have doubts about if it’s all a ruse to make a quick buck on an average four button suit, so that’s why the suit comes with a photo of John wearing it. Along with that is a letter of authenticity from it’s origin place at Madame Tussauds, its most recent venue of display.

You will have to pony up some serious money to afford this, so consider not putting a down payment on that yellow submarine for a bit. As of the writing of this article, the minimum bid is $50,000. So if love is truly all you need, than this might not be the suit for you. But if you realize The Beatles never said anything about what you want, then maybe you should consider buying this suit.