There are no shortage of John Mayer haters out there. I don’t know where it comes from, but people just really don’t like the guy. While I am certainly not rocking out to “Your Body Is A Wonderland,” I actually fall into the opposite camp. I’m a fan. I’ve caught a few of his performances with Dead & Company, and he definitely brings a new energy to the Grateful Dead tunes. His proficiency on guitar, coupled with his clear affection for the music, not to mention his youth, shine through.

But another reason that I’m on Team Mayer is that the man is into very cool stuff. He is one of the foremost collectors of designer Hiroki Nakamura’s Visvim creations and is also a true watch aficianado. Mayer isn’t just some celebrity who has more money than taste. He clearly knows his shit and has a genuine appreciation of the craft and creativity that go into the items he collects.

And his knowledge runs deep. Mayer recently sat down with watch blog Hodinkee to talk about his longtime love of IWC watches. Mayer goes full watch nerd discussing his affection for the IWC Big Pilot and its evolution over time.

It may not be enough to transform how haters feel about Mayer, but it is refreshing to see a celebrity be so well informed about a topic and discuss a brand that he isn’t being paid to discuss.

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