As the internet breaks out the bubbly for John McCain’s 11th hour Trumpcare death blow, let’s raise our glasses to two women who really deserve a toast. Lost amidst all the fanfare over Friday morning’s dramatic Hollywood ending—in which McCain deliberately built drama before killing the bill in a theatrical late night vote—are two Republican senators who were instrumental in stopping the Obamacare repeal from the outset.

Senators Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine have been at the forefront of the Trumpcare resistance since its earliest stages, despite the pressure exercised by their own party to sway them. At one point, Rep. Blake Farenthold said he would “duel” Collins if she wasn’t a woman, while Murkowski was repeatedly targeted by Trump, who threatened retribution by putting Alaska’s good standing with the administration in jeopardy.

Despite the pressure, and despite the intimidation, neither Collins nor Murkowski caved. They stuck to their guns not because it made headlines, but because both women were guided by a basic set of principles. Both women voted against bills that would leave millions of Americans without health insurance. Both women opposed the defunding of planned parenthood. And both women deserve a hell of a lot of credit.

It’s easy to stomp and cheer for John McCain. He’s John Wayne taking out the bad guy one last time before riding off into the sunset. He’s Clint Eastwood asking Trump if he feels lucky, punk? But let’s not forget that 2017 is the year of Wonder Woman.