Two Daily Show alums united on late night Wednedsay, when Stephen Colbert welcome Last Week Tonight host John Oliver to his Late Show guest chair. In between talking about Oliver’s citizenship (he can’t vote in the U.S.), praising their old friend Jon Stewart and talking up Stewart’s replacement, Trevor Noah, talk inevitably turned to that cotton candy-haired man who’s become a staple of every late night host’s repertoire: Donald Trump.

Or at least, Trump is a staple for almost every late night host. When Colbert brought up the presidential candidate, Oliver said he “couldn’t give less a of a shit,” about Trump, and explained that it was in part because he just can’t deal with 2016 stuff while it’s still 2015.

“It’s the 2016 election. And it’s 2015 right now. So I don’t care until we’re in the same year as the thing that I’m supposed to care about.”

Oliver and Colbert went on to discuss a very good point regarding exactly why Oliver doesn’t care: He’s on once a week, which means he has time to craft longform exploration of major political issues, complete with jokes. Colbert and the rest of the late night hosts on the dial have to do this four or five days a week, which means they’re often stuck with whatever outrageous thing happened that day. It’s a lesson in how format sometimes dictates content, and a reminder why Oliver’s show is still so refreshing.