Today is the 20th birthday of id Software’s Quake, a shooter that kicked off another beloved franchise from a studio that had a helluva lot of beloved shooter franchises in the 1990s. People like Quake so much, it has its own annual convention, dubbed “Quakecon.”

With a Quake revival in the works in the form of Quake Champions, as noted at publisher Bethesda’s E3 2016 press conference, and the game’s 20th anniversary, id Software co-founder and former Quake developer John Romero posted a lengthy look back at the game on his blog.

Included in the post are some of the first Quake screenshots ever released, in glorious 320x200 resolution. There’s also a text document called “Quaketalk” that compiles all kinds of early discussion about the game from id, sourced from everything from online posts to chat logs to magazine articles. It’s an interesting look behind the curtain of game development, especially since what id released would eventually be pretty different from what’s discussed in “Quaketalk.”

The post is also a sobering reminder of how ugly even the coolest video games used to be—and how absolutely awesome we thought those ugly ass graphics looked. Nostalgia is fun.

Via Polygon