You’ll be able to feel like a Keanu Reeves-level badass while scoring headshots in the world of action movie John Wick sometime in 2016, thanks to the magic of virtual reality.

The John Wick game will be a first-person shooter that centers around the Continental Hotel, a location from the first film where a whole lot of shooting and assassination attempts take place. The game will be a standalone experience, rather than an adaptation of either John Wick or the sequel that’s currently in development.

The press release announcing the project doesn’t say whether you’ll have to befriend an in-game puppy whose life you’ll then spend hours avenging, but hopefully the John Wick experience can leave out both devastating cuteness and the super-sadness that goes with it.

Publisher Starbreeze is working with film studio Lionsgate on the John Wick game, with a pair of VR studios spearheading development: WEVR, which created underwater VR demo theBlu: Encounter, and mobile game maker Grab Games. According to Starbreeze’s press release, it’ll be available for “most” VR headsets once they eventually launch beginning next year.

Via VG247