Johnny Manziel might not be starting for the Cleveland Browns this season, but he’ll still be an attention magnet as the former Texas A&M star’s every move, and party, is being followed by sports and even tabloid press as he enters his first season in the NFL. The rookie quarterback does have one pastime that keeps him out of trouble — video games. Johnny Football talks Madden and video games in this exclusive interview. What’s it like to be in Madden NFL 15?
Johnny Manziel: For me to be in a video game that I’ve played since I was a kid and watching some of my greatest idols and people that I loved watching growing up…to be there and be in this position is really awesome.

Johnny Manziel in Madden 15

Johnny Manziel in Madden 15

What’s a favorite memory from playing Madden that stands out?
Probably being able to run around with Michael Vick in the Madden ’04 or ’05 games, when he played for the Falcons. It was always a lot of fun playing the quarterback position and getting to control him.

How popular was Madden when you were younger?
Playing Madden back when I was a kid was obviously a big thing — you sleep over at friends’ houses and all you do is play video games.

What’s it like not only being a pro football player but having a virtual character that will live on forever in Madden?
Being a pro athlete finally, and being able to be in this game and be able to play in a virtual world with a virtual character and have a lot of fun doing, is great. It’s trying to create something that you do on Sundays, and to watch how the game has grown and seeing where it is today is really cool.

What would you like your Madden ratings to be?
Obviously, I’m just a rookie so my ratings will be somewhat a little skewed, but the good thing for me is I have plenty of years to try and bring them up.

What advice would you give to someone playing as the Cleveland Browns in Madden NFL 15?
I would say run the ball a little bit. We have very good playmakers at receiver as well, so run the ball a little bit and then try and stretch the field. Have some fun. It’s a video game.